1.8 Significant Connections:

The effect stereotyping has on individuals. Everybody thinks that equality comes from identifying people, and thats not where quality comes from. Equality comes from treating everybody the same regardless of who they are. Living in a world where us as humans choose to believe what labels say about a certain person.

The song changes written and sung by Tupac Shakur, as an outsider of the ‘black’ perspective, most readers of this text (or listeners) would struggle to understand how the colour of your skin can effect your everyday life. The song changes explains deep emotion of the writer and what he believed life was like growing up in the world being a ‘black’ person. Throughout reading/listening to this text the reader will develop a sense of understanding towards how being black affected whatever they chose to do, good or bad. An example of this is a quote in this song where Tupac states that “I see no changes, all I see is racist faces misplaced hate makes disgrace to the races.” When Tupac wrote this line of his song, its as if he was making a statement, trying to get out to the world that nobody is doing anything to help the fact that every black person is bad, or poor or is in a gang, he wants to break the stereotypes and stop the war between white and black. As a reader, when I hear and read these song lyrics, it tells a story, a story of what I have not experienced, a story of whom black people struggle with everyday.

Another important quote to address in the song changes, is “Im tired of being poor, and even worse im black.” As a reader of this sentence Instantly It goes straight back to the ‘black’ stereotype, as soon as a black baby is born they go into a box, a box where they are instantly called horrible person for what SOME people of the same skin colour have chosen to do. A baby didn’t come out of its mothers womb saying “hey everybody im black”, he was taught to be black, and we were all taught to call him that, along with whatever else we call ourselves. They are just LABELS!” And by this statement it links in to what the message was behind Tupac’s song changes. Changes teaches the reader about how society has put certain skin colours in a stereotypical box, that we all look down on if we are not that skin colour, as Tupac stated, we need to see changes.

Freedom writers. (movie) Written by Richard LaGravenese shows that even if you are ‘black’ you can still achieve great things, you don’t need to keep the stereotypes going. You CAN and WILL do great things in your life.

This was shown to the viewers when teacher Erin Gruwell shows a massive interest in her students lives. Mostly black, growing up, in and around gang violence and a war of who owned the ‘streets’, nobody even knew how it started, it was always just there. An example of this is when This was shown to the viewers when teacher Erin Gruwell shows a massive interest in her students lives. (Mostly black), growing up, in and around gang violence and a war of who owned the ‘streets’, nobody even knew how it started, it was always just there. An example of this is when student Eva goes to visit her farther of whom has been locked up since she was a young girl, he quotes “You got to take your victories when you can, because you are going to loose another day.” In the movie, this was when Eva came to a realisation that she didn’t need to follow the previous stereotypes, and with help of her teacher Ms Gruwell coaching her that life wasn’t always about following what you’ve been taught to know. Erin taught her students that if they believe in themselves, then they will go far in life without giving up. Eva went against the stereotypes to prove a point, to break the cycle, This teaches the reader that you should always do what you have to do if it is the right thing to do no matter what happens.

Another good example to support this statement is when Erin states “that you shouldn’t let the actions of a few determine the way you feel about an entire group.” In this case, this statement structures a good understanding for ‘black’ and any other raced stereotyping. The movie Freedom Writers is much like Changes by Tupac Shakur because of the relation between the people in both texts. With Freedom writers it was/is that the students came together to break the cycle of stereotyping, and like Tupac did. They both made a change to the way they saw life, they didn’t let being ‘black’ effect the choices they made anymore, The effects stereotyping has on individuals can have an end result of good or bad. It takes something bad to happen to realise what the good is in it, and this is what us as readers need to take away from both of these texts, they teach us that stereotyping is never going to fully stop. But we can all develop skills to help us push through, like Erin Gruwell taught her students to not be a sheep, to be their own person and never let that go.

Same Love (song) written and sung by Macklemore, shows that no matter what or who you love, no matter what colour or culture they are you are allowed to love and love deeply, the world that we live in can not tell you that you can’t!

They way Macklemore chose to express his feelings on paper toward the ‘gay’ stereotype, really does have a huge impact on all the readers/listeners who heard it. Same Love, was the first rap song to be about ‘gay’ stereotypes. A quote from this song is when Macklemore states a question “Have you read the youtube comments lately?!, ‘Man thats gay’ gets dropped  on the daily we’ve become so numb to what we’re saying.” This quote relates back to the topic of stereotypes, and how they effect people who are classified under one of them. An example of this is within that quote, Macklemore mentions about the gay stereotype getting used in a different way, in an offensive manor and how society has gotten so used to saying it in that way, that we don’t think about how much it can effect the person that it is actually about. Stereotypes can kill! this is not an understatement, many people who can’t change who or what they are fall into the line of depression, which is a serious illness that will lead to suicide if not dealt with or fixed properly. 

Another important quote to address within this song, is when Macklemore quotes “A world so hateful, some would rather die than be who they are.” As a reader of this quote, this comes under the bar as being ‘strong emotive language’ if someone read this line it could easily be a reminder of their past, future or present, (something that is happening now) it shows to the audience how judgemental our world/society is, that we can’t let love, work or do something because of our culture or skin colour. This text has a specific connection with Freedom Writers 

We Real Cool. (poem), We real cool, we left school, we lurk late, we strike straight, we sing sin, we thin gin, we jazz June, we die soon. This text shows the readers the true meaning of being ‘black’. 

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