creative writing:

It was different then.

As the yellow tinted light touched the tips of the grass when walking through, there was something magical about it. It’s as if I was one with nature, back then, I was young and vulnerable to its ways, my mind had made me see creatures that were of the unthinkable.

Nobody knew this, but I had a secret, a secret of which was only in my imagination. Every time I entered those flush green woods there would be a painted image of peculiar things. The elves danced up in their tree houses with a mystical waterfall thundering beneath their feet, as my friend (the gatekeeper) to this land Cupid was always awaiting my presence. We had become royals and would play all day long, until finally it was time to leave. We danced with the sun and threw leaves in the air it felt as if we were unstoppable.

As night grew upon the hundreds of trees that made up the magical land, and the moon spread across the glittery lake we would sit and think about the future, the unknown. It was a happy place, a Magical Land young and naive, when I saw what I chose to see, The Magical Land was so simple.

As I walk back through the gates of the Magical Land  the yellow light within the grass has turned to dark shadows, which appear to have hidden secrets running through them. it feels altered, no elves, no Qupid, no creatures or lakes or waterfalls. All I see is plane green and brown trees , theres not a single colour it feels like depression. What does depression feel like? Nothing, going back to the Magical Land, I feel nothing my imagination is tired, like I haven’t slept in a whole month. I was no longer Young and vulnerable so The way I saw everything changed (especially my imagination).

The Magical Land feels cold and empty, theres too much room, its hard seeing The Magical land go from something so lively and simple to something so dark and sad. To me, The Magical Land used to feel like a safe place to go, a place to make me happy and content where as now all the Magic has left to fill another child’s imagination. It was my own Narnia, my own Eragon. 

The secrete of this Magical Land is to always be kept safe within my heart, It was different now. 

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  1. Keep going, Ruby. Use the lesson today to complete your writing, then read through the piece out loud to find where there should be additional breaks in this writing. I appreciate that you have used punctuation for some effects – well done.

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